Pledge – Dump the DNC


We, the undersigned, pledge to leave the Democratic National Party once the general election is complete. Our reasons for doing so:

  • Scheduling, and attempting to schedule, debates when the least amount of potential voters would be watching, to prevent education of all candidates and their platforms.
  • Revoking the Sanders campaign's access to the voter information database when the error was on the vendor provider's end – a maneuver the DNC is now facing a lawsuit for doing.
  • For channeling DNC funds for the Hillary Clinton campaign since 2015, openly supporting her campaign as the defacto nominee.
  • The unwillingness to immediately act upon obvious, rampant election fraud including unexplained switches in party affiliation, allowing caucus-goers to register after they've voted, reductions of sites to participate by up to 60%, running out of ballots, and outright electioneering at polling stations.
  • The providing of disinformation to voters caucusing on where to go, when to arrive, and how long to stay to ensure that their ballot was properly counted, thus ensuring low voter turnout.
  • The decision to roll back restrictions banning donations from federal lobbyists and political action committees.
  • The staggering loss of seats in the House and Senate under the current leadership.

While the Democratic National Party may publicly acknowledge that there have been challenges that they need to overcome, it's just not enough. We view this party as being thoroughly corrupt due to financial gains, with no visible signs of recovering. Corporations, rather then people, guide the overall direction of the party platform and votes. We can no longer call ourselves members of an organization that is controlled by money first, principals second, as membership implies tacit agreement.

We acknowledge that changing party affiliation during the presidential election year is difficult or impossible at this point, so following the 2016 General Election in November, we will be dropping our membership to the Democratic National Party.


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