Our Stance

Mission Statement

The Progressive Independent Party is an evolutionary necessity given the corrupt political system we as Americans have been mired in for generations. We recognize that a fundamental shift in the way we approach our governance will not be a stroll through the park on a pleasant evening. For this reason we are calling upon Americans of every political stripe to join us in a unified voice. We will no longer tolerate or accept those conditions upon which the notion has been sold to us that what we have come to accept is simply “the way things are”.

Our first and most challenging step is to find common ground amongst many splintered factions of the left and independents. For far too long, we’ve been discussing how best to remove a speck of dirt in the corner of the house while ignoring that the entire structure is full of garbage. Putting aside old grievances over policy in order to rally around a common cause has ever been the deciding factor in every victory— political or personal. Recognizing that there are many more things that bring us together than divide us is paramount to this philosophy.

Throughout history, particularly American history, there have been galvanizing moments where a third party has risen in response to a government that no longer represents the interests of the people. We are living in that moment every hour of every day right now. “The highest form of patriotism is dissent” is a quote that has been attributed to many people by many parties. The logic of that quote is unimpeachable— regardless of who said it in the first place. Our dissent from the pay-to-play system of politics is right, righteous, and timely.

The Progressive Independent Party, like Senator Bernie Sanders, knows that a fundamental change in our political system will not happen overnight or alone. That is why we are calling on people to join us in order to mandate this change. Not through simple rhetoric or a single campaign, but through a concerted effort on local, state, and national levels who share our vision and our ideals. This is a people-based movement— first and foremost. We need your voices, your hearts, your minds, and your convictions.

We firmly believe that there are issues that impact all of us on which we all can agree. Climate Change, Social Justice, Criminal Justice, Income Inequality, Education, Equal Pay for Equal Work, LGBT Rights, an end to wars for profit, Universal Health Care, and getting the money out of politics that has led to our entire system becoming rotten from the core. These are things that our counterparts in the establishment, be they republican or democrat, are opposed to happening in our country. Let’s stand together in one united voice to bring about a positive change to America.

The Issues

Civil Rights

Climate Change

Economic Justice


Energy Independence

Health Care


Jobs & The Economy

National Security


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