Jobs & The Economy

American trade policy should place the needs of American workers and small businesses first, reversing the direction we have been going for many years. Our roads, bridges, dams, grids, and more have not kept up with the pace of our country’s growth, or the advances in technology. Putting Americans back to work on addressing our infrastructure problems with well-paying jobs will contribute to economic growth for families and communities across the country. This can be achieved in several ways. First and foremost, we will fight to close tax loopholes which have allowed large corporations to avoid paying their fair share of taxes while exploiting American workers. We will fight to re-establish Unions across the country and challenge any governor who has established a “right-to-work” state. Due to the economic principle known as the velocity of money, we know that when the poorest Americans have money to spend- it all gets spent. This places more money back into the local economies which in turn increased both the production and wealth of our national economy. This is why we will fight for a living wage both local and federal levels as well as equal pay for both men and women. We are focused on creating an economy that is based on innovation and high employment- not on where to Dow landed on any particular day.

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