Common Ground

Common Ground

Jul 28, 16
Araquel Bloss
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The DNC, the RNC, and the Mainstream Media continue to gaslight the nation from one angle or another. The propaganda spewing from both sides is enough to make anyone want to vomit, I get that. But what are the FACTS? The facts are pretty simple, on one side we have a candidate who rigged the primary, still struggled, and her only leg to stand on is “But that guy over there is so much scarier!”. On the other side, there’s a reality TV star with some money throwing his weight around and just yelling whatever ignorant hateful crap will get him air time. It IS pathetic. Completely pathetic. This is what years of complacency does to a country. This is what happens when huge corporations take over literally everything while the rest of us work countless hours just to almost make ends meet, but often still struggle. Everyone is living their own struggle, but that doesn’t make ANYONE matter less than anyone else. All that means is most of us have every reason to want to come together. Yet, we still seem to be divided…

We are all tired. So many of us have already given a lot this election cycle. Many of us were already struggling to begin with, and it’s just becoming even harder. And guess what? It will continue to be difficult. Revolutions aren’t easy. They’re not even peaceful. We are going to have to take risks. We are going to have to sacrifice even more, and then some. If we truly want change, we have to be willing to take it all the way, no matter what. I see people falling deeper and deeper into that cycle of negativity. I feel your pain. When you hurt, I really DO hurt, too! I am not here to tell you it will get better because, right now, I don’t know when it will, but I can tell you that it definitely WONT unless we stick together and fight like hell to hang onto common ground with as many people as we can. One thing Hillary has right is that WE ARE stronger together. WE are. We have to try and reach each other. Even Hillary supporters, even Trump supporters. All of us are hurting. But yelling and pointing out how ridiculous one side is, is just making it worse. Fight to find the common ground. Talk to each other. We are ALL HURTING! There is a reason this election cycle has been an emotional roller coaster for literally everyone. We’re all so tired. We all want to believe in something. The media is forcing that ‘something’ be a divisive measure between us all. Enough with that.

Take a step back, turn around, and research your down ballot candidates. Look into what is happening in your community. Talk to your neighbors that don’t agree with you, and listen. Listen to each other and fight to find a common ground. Find your humanity. Don’t worry about party loyalties for a moment, work past it. Find ways to make things better for MORE people. Get to the bottom of what is dividing you, and find or create a common ground. If more of us can do that, we ALL WIN. No matter who is elected into that oval office this November. Think about it.

By Katie Miller

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