Climate Change: Not a Conspiracy

Climate Change: Not a Conspiracy

Aug 17, 16
Araquel Bloss
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Climate change is not a conspiracy. We need water to live right? Everyone can agree humans need water. Life as we know it couldn’t survive without water. So if you submerge a person in a tub of water and shut the lid, they should be super extra alive then, right??? No. No they would die. You know that, we all know that. That’s easy to understand.
So, carbon. We also need carbon, maybe even a little more than water. Carbon is the primary element upon which life is built. Its unique ability to pair with so many different elements in so many ways is paramount to the survival and diversity of life. So throwing lots of carbon into the air should be good, right? Wrong. Just like the water example, too much of it in the wrong place is lethal. LETHAL to humans and many other types of life. Can a human person survive breathing his or her own air? If you seal (air tight) a bag over your head, and breathe in and out, with nothing coming in from the outside, what will happen? You lose consciousness. Why do you lose consciousness? You breathe in a mix of gasses mostly comprised of nitrogen and oxygen, (mostly) but you breathe out carbon dioxide (which is obviously also in the air in significant amounts because, duh, 7 billion humans, plus everything else that exhales CO2). However, when you keep breathing it in (just the air you exhale, nothing else), you exhaust your lungs’ ability to extract the oxygen your blood needs to keep your brain active because it all gets paired up with carbon.

But isn’t carbon dioxide vital to life, too? Yes. Trees and other oxygen producing plants ‘breathe’ it in and exhale the oxygen that creates the life sustaining balance we all experience every day. This is why people want to ‘save the rain forests!’ and other forests across the world. They ‘breathe in’ our ‘dirty’ air and clean it. Like a filtration system, which most water filtration systems rely on carbon, too. But too much of it in the wrong proportions or forms means certain death for us. It’s not difficult to understand. Many of these experiments can be done with little effort. If you don’t believe it, get together as a community and preform some of your own experiments to find the truth.

Question everything, by all means, but if you’re prepared to question it, you must also be prepared to find the answer.

Katherine A. Miller

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