Civil Rights

The Progressive Independent Party will fight to reform the structural policies that reinforce institutionalized racism. For far too long, the United States has enforced a quiet practice which punishes minorities and the poor in order to fund a corrupt criminal justice system. These policies impact income, housing, healthcare options, educational opportunities, crime, religious freedom and social justice. We will campaign for reform beginning at the local level and working our way to the national level by ensuring our candidates will stop at nothing to see changes made to this draconian system. At the top of the list is no longer sentencing people to a prison term for non-violent drug offenses. We believe that the LGBTQ community deserves the same Civil and Equal Rights as any American. We stand strongly with our family in the LGBT community, and continue to work to pass progressive legislation that guarantees equal rights while repealing laws on the books in too many states that are designed to take those rights away.

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