American Privilege

American Privilege

Aug 06, 16
Araquel Bloss
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There is every indication WikiLeaks, possibly in conjunction with Snowden, will be dropping something very big today. Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, is set to be interviewed via live steam today at the Green Party Convention. We will wait and see…

But as mass media has not given us true national investigative journalism probably since 9/11, the public isn’t truly prepared for what might be revealed today or as time goes on. Sadly, we’ve had to count on these outside sources to reveal the truth of our government and other corrupt political entities as our own systems of checks and balances have been corrupted to the point of dysfunction.

What we, as a country, are facing is something I’d like to term American privilege – the blind spots in our perception which prevent us from seeing our country in its true light. For instance, we are no longer a democracy. Pretty big deal, right? But where is the outrage?

The strong sense of nationalism instilled in us from a very young age has created a strong collective denial, even when history shows us otherwise or proof is directly before us, our blind spots prevent us from acknowledging what our country has become and demanding accountability of our elected officials.

This is where we are and before it’s over, we will need a country full of activists. It’ll no longer be acceptable to be apathetic in your community, only voting once every 4 years, and leaving the rest of “governing” up to a minor few. We have taken our democracy and our liberties for granted and as such, we are losing them, not just for ourselves, but for generations to come.

This is not a “progressive” issue. Not a Bernie Sanders issue. Not a Hillary Clinton issue. Nor Trump.

This is an “us” issue. From small Midwestern towns to our great cities, from our desert lands to our mountain ranges, we do have so much to be proud of, and have every single reason to fight for what’s right about our country and every single reason to defeat what’s wrong. But this “us” is not just “me” but requires millions of “you”s to fight for what’s right, too.

Whatever may be revealed by WikiLeaks today or beyond, please take personal time to work through your American Pride and Privilege, challenge your natural bias to defend our country and her leaders regardless of facts. Our denial no longer serves us.

We are on the crux of a vital political revolution, an #‎UsNotMe revolution. But this is not doom and gloom; just as the morning light always appears the brightest where it meets the night, I believe our political revolution will inspire the next great American Revitalization. And this will indeed be something we will all be proud of…and rightfully so.

We are the 99%. Join us to continue the political revolution.

Araquel Bloss, Founder PIP

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