Not With Her

Not With Her

Jul 29, 16
Araquel Bloss
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To the #‎ImWithHer Supporters,

I hope those of you who claim to support Hillary Clinton but did NOTHING for her campaign are prepared to work your asses off for her, like we did for Bernie Sanders. We donated 8 million individual contributions, hosted debate watch parties for strangers, we traveled outside our states to canvass, phone banked, rallied, designed memes and logos, knocked on doors rain or shine, we wrote commentary, attended fundraisers, funded our delegates, we stood up, and we rose up to create a historic campaign for the people, by the people.

I have yet to meet ONE Hillary Clinton supporter who was inspired or cared enough to change their schedule for even ONE day of their life, let alone a year to help her win or rig the primary.

That being said, this is what I have to say to #ImWithHer supporters: if you don’t get off your damn couch, work outside of your boardroom, give up your weekends and nights, donate your money — then YOU will be to blame for a Trump presidency. You got your candidate by election fraud, dirty politics, DNC partiality, and mass media bias but indeed, you got her! Now, the most distrusted, unpopular, crooked candidate in US history is all YOURS!

We won’t fight for Hillary Clinton; she’s not our candidate. We left the Democratic Party and we aren’t coming back. Watch all our Bernie Delegate interviews; watch how they treated our fellow Americans – censorship, threats of losing jobs and credentials, bullying, excluding them, kicking them out, filling their seats with cheering actors, how they censored them. If you aren’t afraid for our democracy, it’s because you are afraid to open your eyes. We are SHOWING you!

As for Bernie’s Movement, we have lots to do to take our government back from corruption, racketeering, and corporate control. So, we are gonna be busy the next 4 years and beyond. We must continue the work; now.

Therefore, you better get up and fight for Hillary or let me tell you, she won’t win. We’ve been telling you very clearly this fact for a year.

Maybe it’s time you listen.

And to those people not #ImWithHer but instead with #‎UsNotMe, meet us at PIP to build the largest progressive coalition voting bloc in US history. Cause we got work to do.

By Araquel Bloss

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